Top 10 Most Common Harborages for German Cockroaches

German cockroaches are one of the most common household pests. They are also one of the most frustrating problems, as they are pretty clever at finding places to hide, make a home and lay eggs.

However, here let’s dig deep into knowing some of the common harborages for German cockroaches:

1. Plumbing

One of the easiest and nearest places for cockroaches to the harbor, especially for cockroaches that come into your home via drain pipes, is plumbing fixtures. There's enough concealment and darkness for them to stay safe and enough moisture to start a colony.
Female German cockroaches prefer tight and damp crevices such as bathroom sinks to lay their egg. If you have a pest problem in your home, start the inspection with the bathrooms. Other critters, such as spiders and flies, also thrive in bathrooms.

2. Cracks & Crevices

Do you have old doors and windows? Are the frames coming loose or getting cracks? These may be the gateways to your home for German cockroaches. Small and medium-sized roaches can easily make their way through any gaps in your doors and windows.
Moreover, they may also live in these cracks. The older house, the deeper the cracks in walls and any frames. These make comfortable homes for cockroaches and various other pests.

3. Furniture

German cockroaches are notorious for living in furniture, especially furniture with upholstery. We're talking about sofas, dining chair cushions, and even the base of the mattress on your bed. These spots are concealed enough since they're not at eye level. They're also perfect in terms of eggs; cockroach eggs stick easily to the thick layering fabric used in upholstery.

4. Cardboard & Paper

Box cardboard, corrugated boards, old newspapers, arts and crafts paper material, and more—all of these make excellent homes for German cockroaches. Paper has a natural tendency to retain moisture, which is why it is desirable to roaches and mites. Thereby, they can shelter within the folds of a sheet, as well as lay eggs which stay stuck and secure along the textured surface.
In addition to living in these, cockroaches can also destroy paper and cardboard by feeding on the matter or breaking it down with any secretions.

5. Books & Bookshelves

Loose paper isn't the only possible residing place for Garman cockroaches; these pests love both paperback and hardcover reads. If you have books that you haven't read in ages, there are likely cockroach harborages and ideal egg-laying grounds. Inspect each book and turn each page if you have a cockroach infestation in your home.

6. Storage Areas

If you have a storage room or a closet dedicated to storage material, you may find cockroaches there. Basically, these places usually go ignored—and cockroaches prefer not to be disturbed. The area provides them with clock darkness and safety.
In addition to paper and cardboard, there are other things, such as old wood, unused cloth, and other stuff in a storage area that attract Garment cockroaches.

7. Kitchen Cabinets

German cockroaches love places with a bit of dampness, and any food matter in the area is an added bonus. This is why they can be found in kitchens. Dark corners of cabinets, especially cabinets that go unused, are ideal harborages for cockroaches.
If you have a habit of not cleaning food particles overnight, then cockroaches are likely to multiply in your kitchen. The reason is because the room becomes a source of moisture, shelter, and food for these pests.

8. Appliances

Speaking of the kitchen, if you suspect that there are German cockroaches in that vicinity but you can’t find any in the cabinets—look inside the appliances. Sadly, it's a disgusting yet true fact that cockroaches roam around inside appliances at night. Appliances that are not used on a daily basis and have lots of nooks and crannies, are cockroaches' primary targets.
Furthermore, you may also find cockroaches hidden behind microwaves and ovens, in motors, and within water heaters. If you do not clean appliances such as blenders and coffee makers properly, cockroaches may even reside inside these.

9. Decorations

Cockroaches are creative; any place that goes undisturbed and shelters enough from the outside environment is a good place for harborage. Therefore, there are certain decorative elements in nearly every home that cockroaches target. For instance, behind paintings and picture frames, inside dark vases, behind wall elaborate clocks, etc.
Check any décor item that has enough empty, hidden, and dark space.

10. Ceilings

If you have a pest problem and you've checked every crack and crevice, plumbing fixture, and furniture, it's time to look up. German cockroaches may take refuge in the ceilings, especially in dark and abandoned rooms. These pests also reside in ceiling cracks. If you have a false ceiling, check the gap between the top and the panels.

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