German Cockroach Facts You Should Know

Cockroaches of any kind are quite disgusting and creepy. However, knowing more about them—no matter how unpleasant that sounds—is necessary. Only after knowing your enemy completely, you will be able to eliminate it effectively.

If you suspect an invasion of German cockroaches in your home or office, we’ve got some German cockroach facts you need to know.

1. German Cockroaches Can Be Identified By One Unique Feature

At first look, German cockroaches look like any other kind of their species. Light brown to tan in color, flat and oval torso, with six legs and a pair of long antennae—that's your average German cockroach. An adult roach grows to nearly an inch long.
The only distinctive feature of this type of cockroach is the two dark stripes down its back, more apparent on closer observation. While it may be hard to differentiate a young German roach from other varieties, adult roaches are much more distinguishable.
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2. German Cockroaches Prefer The Dark, Damp, & Warmth

German cockroaches, like most cockroaches, prefer poorly lighted places and dampness, preferably closer to an ample source of food and water. This is why you’ll find these pests in kitchens and bathrooms. Therefore, at these places, you should start pest-proofing in your home.
If you suspect a pest infestation in your home, check the cracks and crevices near plumbing fixtures in your bathrooms. In the kitchen, German cockroaches are commonly found near sink drains, grocery stocks, and inside appliances.
German cockroaches also prefer paper products such as newspaper piles and corrugated cardboard. They may be found in storage rooms/closets in homes and offices. Additionally, German cockroaches prefer warm to hot temperatures.

3. German Cockroaches Are Diseases Carriers (And Harmful For Health)

As if roaches aren't disgusting enough on their own, they also carry diseases. German cockroaches, in particular, carry microbes that cause food poisoning, diarrhea, and other gut diseases. They can also carry salmonella. Overall, German cockroaches are known to spread more than 30 types of bacteria, 7 different human pathogens, and 6 kinds of parasites.
The microbes that cause these illnesses latch to legs and bodies of German cockroaches when these pests crawl through rotten food, decaying matter, and other rubbish for food.
This is why you should do your due diligence in pest preventionby being extra careful to clear away food particles in the kitchen. Cockroaches thrive in messy environments and deposit disease-causing microbes on the surfaces they roam around the most.

4. German Cockroaches Can Survive While Headless

Yes, German cockroaches can live without their heads—for a while, anyway. Amongst many German cockroach facts, this is one of the qualities they share with American cockroaches. Since German cockroaches breathe through openings in their bodies—called spiracles—they do not need their heads for oxygen.
Additionally, German cockroaches have quite the willpower in the face of hunger and can go a few weeks without food. Eventually, what kills a headless cockroach is thirst, as they cannot consume water while headless.

5. German Cockroaches Reproduce Quite Rapidly

The most important thing you need to know about the German cockroach eggs is that the female cockroaches create a thick protective case—called an oothecal—to protect their eggs. One oothecal contains 35-40 eggs, which take a month to hatch. The female roach holds onto the oothecal for the majority of this period, releasing it just before the eggs are ready to hatch.
Suppose your home or office has a cockroach infestation, with a few oothecals ready to hatch. Imagine a number of baby cockroaches spreading about the place in a month!
Hence, it’s safe to say that you cannot get rid of cockroaches (and eggs) entirely—not without professional help.

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Given that German cockroaches are an eyesore and carry diseases, it is imperative that you get rid of them quickly. And given that these roaches are smart at hiding, reproducing rapidly, and general survival—your pest prevention and control methods should be foolproof.
Only an expert pest management service can give you the meticulousness you require to get rid of cockroaches and keep them from re-emerging.
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