10 Fascinating Facts about American Cockroaches

Seeing a cockroach climb out of a corner and run across the room is disgusting. No matter how hard you try, you cannot seem to get rid of these critters. To help you understand how to get the upper hand on them, we have compiled a few interesting facts about American cockroaches.

1. These Are Commonly Found In Sewers & Drainage Systems

Your property’s drain pipes and gutters are where cockroaches enter your house. This is no surprise, as American cockroaches commonly dwell in sewer and drainage systems. Roaches love damp and dark places. A place with a water source is an ideal residence for a cockroach as they need moisture for survival.

2. American Cockroaches Are the Largest Among Their Species

Currently, these roaches are known to be the largest of their kind, varying in size from 1 to 2 inches in length. Adult roaches may even grow past 2 inches. As cockroaches discard their exoskeleton repeatedly (up to 13 times in one lifetime), they grow longer.

3. American Cockroaches Will Eat Pretty Much Any Organic Matter

American cockroaches consume dead insects, wood, cloth, organic soaps, hair, fecal matter, and more. In short, even though American cockroaches prefer starchy, sweet, and meaty foods, the lack of leftovers around your kitchen does not mean they will run out of food. Hence, a quick means of pest prevention for your property is necessary when you spot even one of these pests.

4. They Are Extremely Fast Runners

If the cockroach you’re chasing seems to move at an unnaturally fast speed, you’re likely looking at an American cockroach. The pests can cover up to 50 body lengths per second (equivalent to a human running 210 miles per hour). So, running after them is futile; we suggest professional pest control services in Dubai to get rid of cockroaches.

5. Unfortunately, They Can Also Fly

It's bad enough that American cockroaches can make their way in any place, escape their way when you chase after them and multiply quickly. To make matters worse, these roaches can fly. Adult male and female cockroaches have tiny wings, which enable them to cover short distances.

6. American Cockroaches Can Hold Their Breaths For Extensive Periods

If you have ever tried to drown a cockroach you saw creeping out of your bathroom drain, then there’s little chance that your efforts were successful. American cockroaches breathe via holes in their bodies called spiracles, which they can shut down underwater for 30-40 minutes.

7. They Can Survive Up To A Week Without Their Head

Here is another one of the gross yet interesting facts about American cockroaches: they can live up to a week with a chopped-off head. We have covered that cockroaches have air holes in their bodies through which they can draw in air—so they are good to go on oxygen. In addition, American cockroaches can last over a month without food, so that is not a problem. The real issue is water; cockroaches die because of a lack of water intake.

8. The Origins Of Cockroaches Date Back More Than 350 Million Years

Yes, cockroaches might just be as old as dinosaurs. They have been around a lot longer than humans and have seen it all—which might explain their annoying skill of surviving anywhere. Our early ancestors had to face cockroaches too, but they did not have the luxury of sprays and traps to get rid of them.

9. The American Cockroach Is Not Native American

Yes, you read that right. American cockroaches are native to Africa and possibly the Middle East or East Asia before that. It is believed that these pests first made their way into America during the early 17th century on ships used for the slave trade. They spread throughout the country via drainage systems, steam tunnels, trees, shrubs, etc.

10. And Finally, They Cannot Scale Every Surface

American cockroaches have tiny thorn-like attachments to their limbs, which help them grab onto a surface. If a surface is not textured enough for them to cling to, then it cannot scale that surface. This is why cockroach traps are textured outside and smooth inside so the pests cannot get back out once they climb in.
These interesting facts about American cockroaches got you thinking that these pests may be much more skilled than you thought. No worries, no matter how smart cockroaches are, we can handle them with our products, tools, and experience.
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