Pest Control Before Moving In To A New House Or Flat

Are you moving into a new place in Dubai?

It is an exciting time when you take this new step. However, moving into your home should be a stress-free process. So the last thing you need is to deal with a pest infestation!

Let’s put you at ease. Here are a few ways for pest proofing and control in your new home.

1. Inspect The Place For Infestations

Spiders, mites, roaches, and mice all thrive in darkness. An empty house or flat is the perfect place to roam around freely. This is why you may find a few pest infestations in your new place, especially if it has been empty for quite some time.

Before you bring in your furniture and boxes of belongings, do a complete disinfection. If it has been empty for too long—more than six months—then consider professional pest prevention for your property. It's always wise to get a new place inspected professionally for signs of infestation, including termites.

Visit all the pest hotspots, such as the basement, attic, storage areas, and inside and outside drain fixtures. These are the places where pest infestations typically start. Therefore, you should pay extra attention to disinfecting or getting a pest cleanup of these areas.

2. Wipe & Scrub Every Surface

Pests start out in places with dirt and bacteria—and during the time your new house or flat was empty, there's been a lot of that going around. So before you put down your carpets and set up your furnishings, clean up the floors, walls, doors, and windows to pest-proof your home and get rid of microbial diseases.

Scrub the floors thoroughly (or get a cleaning service to do it) with an antibacterial cleaning product. If you’re not getting new paints done, then make sure to wipe down the walls with a simple soap and water solution. Use a tall cleaning brush to sweep away any spider webs on the walls and ceiling.
Don't forget the doors and windows! Wipe these down with a clean, damp cloth. Make sure you let all the areas air dry after cleanup, as moisture attracts mold, bacteria, and pests.

3. Close Up Any Cracks & Crevices

All your cleaning efforts for pest control and prevention will go to waste if you do not cut off all the means by which pests get into a home. We’re talking about cracks in the door and window frames, cracks and holes in the walls, gaps in the roofing, crevices near the plumbing fixtures, and more.
You can patch up these spots yourself using suitable materials. Alternatively, you can call a professional service for pest control in Dubai. Remember that these patch-ups don’t last forever. Make sure to check up on the old cracks and crevices for disintegration every 3 to 6 months.

4. Check Up On All Greenery

If you are moving into a new house with a yard that has plenty of greenery, clear it up. Take some pest control measures too. Mice are notorious for living and multiplying in unkempt yards, so make sure you spruce up the outdoor space before moving in.
Get a professional gardening service to clean up the debris and eliminate any excessive growth near the house itself. Following this, get an expert pest cleaner's help to pest-proof your yard.

5. Examine All Belongings Before You Bring Them In

Unknown to you, a few pests might be making the journey from your old home to your new one, hidden conveniently in your belongings!
Check your furniture, bedding, upholstery, and all other belongings before you pack them up. Check once again before you set them up. If you’ve purchased any second-hand furniture or have been given any things by friends and family for your new home, make sure to look for signs of termites, roaches (plus roach eggs), and bed bugs. Read about getting rid of bedbugs to learn more. Disinfect each item with a mild spray before you bring it inside the house.

Eliminate Pests Before You Enter Your Home—With Pro-Shield’s Services

We know you can’t wait to start this new chapter of your life, which is why we handle every appointment for pest control in Dubai with diligence.

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