How to Keep Your Property Safe From Termite Infestation

How to Keep Your Property Safe From Termite Infestation

It’s an extreme hassle when termites infest your property. These pests eat away at any wood in the foundation and the furniture. Worse of all, termites can be extremely challenging to eliminate due to their minuscule, nearly invisible size. Thats why experts emphasize termite inspection and termites control dubai starting with conducting preventative measures yourself. This guide will help you carry out measures to keep your property safe from termite infestation.

Effective Ways To Prevent Termites On Your Property

Meticulously inspect your home or workplace for termites especially if you see the slightest sign (wood shavings, termite droppings, damaged furniture, etc.). Termites can cause a lot of damage before you even realize theyre there.

- Avoid Contact of Wooden Materials with the Soil

The most effective method to keep your property safe from termite infestation is by leaving some space between the soil and wood during construction. This goes for both the foundation of the property itself, as well as any landscaping structures such as garden fences, gazebo, and so on. Many pest control experts recommend maintaining a gap of at least eighteen inches between wood and soil. This helps prevent termites from damaging the foundation of the building. You can choose to have stones or cement installed to create a barrier between the soil and wood, especially in areas like gardens and patios.

- Eliminate Excess Moisture from Top to Bottom

Moisture is a major factor that attracts pests like termites into your property. By removing extra moisture from your home, you can prevent termites from invading your space. One of the ways to protect your home from termites is investing in to dehumidifier, especially if you reside in a humid area. Additionally, during the summer, turn on the air conditioner at intervals throughout the day to maintain a cool atmosphere and reduce excess moisture in the air indoors.

- Check For and Fix Cracks and Leaks

How do pests spread throughout a property? They take the concealed ways in and out. Make sure to check for any leaks or cracks due to deterioration in your property. Damp walls and roofs that are falling apart are attractive opportunities for termites. Its important to fix any leaks right away and seal them up tight. Dont forget to inspect your basement regularly. Dark, damp places are popular pest-hiding spots. In the case of termites, a leak in the basement is a special prospect, as it is the closest part of the property to the ground making it easier for them to spread out.

- Declutter to Minimize Nesting Grounds

Clean up your space. It’s hard to spot termites or any pests for that matter, if you have too many belongings to deal with. But that’s not all; pests also love clutter. Termites, beg bugs, roaches all thrive in cramped environments. Get rid of unnecessary cardboard, newspapers, and old magazines, as these attract pests such as termites. In case the termite infestation in your property is limited to one room, do not declutter and take the stuff to another room! It is best to let termites control experts apply a termite treatment to these before you throw them out to prevent spreading.

- Be Diligent When Purchasing Used Furniture

Used wooden furniture (or furniture that has any wooden parts in it) may be inexpensive to buy, but it carries a high chance of being infested by termites. Termites, in particular, have a strong tendency to invade old furniture and wooden pieces. If you like second-hand furniture but suspect the likelihood of termites, prioritize protecting your home against termites over getting a good bargain. Spotting a termite infestation is not an easy task. You can watch out for the common signs of termites in any thrift furniture you buy. To play it safe, you can also apply a layer of borate or any other termite treatment chemical on the crevices of that piece before you bring it inside your property.

- Treat Any Infested Furniture Promptly At First Sign

How to get rid of termites in your furniture? If that happens, you can place the affected item under direct sunlight for at least three days. The heat due to the sunlight will can kill the termites. Plus, it will dry the furniture, thus lowering the risk of termites coming back. Before you bring it back inside, clean your furniture thoroughly and apply a termite spray. This technique is effective, but no at-home

Bottom Line: Diligence & Prompt Action for Termite Prevention & Control

In case your home or workplace has already been taken over by termites, its time to contact a reliable pest control company, immediately! The pest experts will do a thorough inspection and apply suitable termite control treatment. For added peace of mind, you can schedule an annual termite inspection, and keep your property safe from termite infestations!

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