How to Get Rid of Cockroaches In Dubai

How to Get Rid of Cockroaches In Dubai

The most common pests infesting homes and apartments where sanitation is lacking are cockroaches. It is repulsive and humiliating that these pests are present. Meat, kitchen utensils, and household products can be contaminated, leaving behind an unpleasant smell.

cockroaches roam smoothly to food from dirty conditions. This causes them to leave pathogenic microorganisms that contribute to food poisoning and the spread of life-threatening illnesses, such as bronchial inflammation. Some individuals are allergic to cockroach droppings that cause shedding of their skin.

Different Types Of Cockroaches In Dubai

In Dubai, there are three cockroach species. Understanding what kind of cockroach is present in your home will help you understand how to eliminate cockroaches.

1. American Cockroaches:

Despite its name, the American cockroach was originally from North Africa. They are the most common cockroaches found in urban sewage systems, cellars, toilets, storage areas, garbage disposals, and kitchens. They can be found in shady, damp areas such as flowerbeds and mulch piles underneath.

The American cockroach has a flat, oval body that makes it very easy to crawl in and out of tiny rooms and tight places. Its antennae are equal to its body weight. Often, they glide short distances using their wings. They hide in the daytime and come out in search of food at night. They can, however, live without food or water for quite a while.

2. German cockroaches:

The most common cockroach species worldwide is the German cockroach (Blattella Germanica). It takes place in the homes of citizens, restaurants, nursing homes, and hotels. These cockroaches are dangerous because they endanger you and the health of your family. They spread illnesses, and food is polluted. If the resources are there, they easily create colonies in buildings.

A light tan, light orange, or golden color is the German cockroach. They also have a specific pair of dark lines that run from their head to their wings around their back. Outside, you will never find them. Hide within walls, ceiling voids, behind doors, and inside appliances, mostly.

3. Brown-banded cockroaches:

A small genus of cockroaches is a brown-banded cockroach known as Supella Longipalpa. As the name suggests, their dark brown bodies have two light brown bands around them. Their infestation can pose a range of risks to their health. They bear and spread harmful bacteria that cause gastroenteritis and diarrhea, as well as protozoa.

Sometimes these kinds of cockroaches seem to be broken or abnormal but are quietly visible. The bands may be blurred in part by the wings. They can often be found in warm and drier places because they can live well without water, including bedrooms, closets, and other building areas:

How To Get Rid Of Cockroaches In Dubai

Is there a cockroach infestation in your home? Maybe you have tried all the strategies, but nothing seems to work. To get your house back from these uninvited visitors, follow the following steps:

  • To remove secret objects, deep clean your home. Food sources where cockroaches feed, in particular. Remember, they love places that are wet, humid, and quiet.
  • To avoid providing a perfect moist atmosphere that allows cockroaches to flourish, ensure that all your pipes are fixed.
  • Get rid of your cardboard boxes because they provide a warm place for the cockroaches to lay eggs suitable for them.
  • The surplus food should be left in the fridge or freezer. Food leftovers on kitchen counters attract cockroaches. It would be best if you also kept clean the dishes every time you use them.
  • To keep the cockroaches away, spray your home with high-quality pesticides. The sprays deal only with live cockroaches, so you have to continue spraying for at least four months.
  • To keep roaches permanently away from your home, put a thick layer of cockroach powder under every door and corner.
  • Cockroaches are nocturnal animals, and for them, darkness is fitting. Make their condition intolerable to disrupt their living pattern and bolt for safer environments by keeping the lights on for long.

Calling a Pest Control Professional

Involving a pest control specialist to get rid of cockroaches in your house will be better. To cope with these pests, pest control firms use numerous approaches. We can conduct infinite numbers of treatments at Pro Shield Pest Control Services with the option of canceling after the infestation appears to be removed. It could, however, take a year to remove cockroaches with the right treatment.

Usually, our trained technicians conduct a detailed inspection of your home before the services are provided. To all cracks and secluded areas where the pests are likely to infest, they will then apply insecticides. The insecticides used would remain productive for months with the best pest control company. We suggest that we reapply month after month to retain power until we get rid of the infestation.

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