How Much Is Pest Control In Dubai

Are you looking for the most effective ways to eliminate pests in residential or office in Dubai? In addition to destroying our possessions, pests such as termites, rats, ants, bedbugs, and cockroaches are a health threat. Booking the best pest control service provider is the easiest and fastest way to keep pests away. You can either ask for general pest control or treatment for specific problems based on your needs.

Factors That Determine The Cost Of a Pest Control Service

An excellent solution for addressing pest problems is to consider pest management at an early stage. One of the main challenges in Dubai has been this. Whether its home or workplace, almost everyone has met some of these pests that make life miserable. A pest control company considers various factors before giving a total cost quote. Pro Shield Pest Control Services offers discounts, and our prices are the best across the Dubai. Our cost associate with pest control service may vary because of:

1. Size of your Premises

There are set standard pricing within a specific area for certain services. Pro Shield leaves it open to the client and technician to determine if a home is larger than the supported pricing. Once a home goes over the standard mark, the price is slightly higher to cover the additional time and product costs involved.

2. Severity of Pest Infestation

First, our technicians will arrive at the area infested and determine what the problem is. If the pest infestation exceeds the threshold and goes to heavy infestation, there will typically be a cost difference. It will also differ for one-time treatments as well as maintenance plans. A severe pest problem leads to additional fees, which may be added to the first service. We usually make this clear to our customers when setting up the service before we start the services or sign agreements.

3. Number of follow-up Services Needed

Every client is different; some prefer to treat the pests when specific problems arise, while some prefer routine maintenance services. That is why Pro Shield Pest Control Services offers quarterly, semi-annual, annual, and one-time pest control services to cater to various clients needs. We also have seasonal services for particular pests like mosquitoes and snakes.

4. Type of Pests

When we receive calls from customers with pest problems, we try to determine what pests we will deal with. The reason behind this is to quote the correct pricing and service. Pest control varies from pest to pest, so it would be best to call for specifics. While still at it, some services require an inspection before a quote is provided. Lets take a quick look at the different pests below.

  • Cockroaches: most people cannot differentiate cockroaches in their homes. For us, we know that German and brown-branded cockroaches are more challenging to eliminate than smokey brown cockroaches. The more difficult species to remove, the higher the pricing.
  • Rodents: pests like rats, squirrels, and mice require unique pest treatments and sometimes multiple technicians. In such a case, Pro Shield Pest Control Services will provide a free inspection with a quote of service.
  • Bedbugs: nowadays, bedbugs are a big deal in Dubai. We can attest to this because we get most calls and emails for bedbugs services than any other pests. We recommend heat treatments to deal with bedbugs since it penetrates various hiding places. However, we also have chemical treatments for smaller areas.

The charges for a Pest Control Service in Dubai starting from 200AED. Final cost will be determined on above 4 Factors (Size of your Premises, Severity of pest infestation, Number of follow-up services needed, Type of pests). To know the exact cost contact us.

You may be tempted to carry out pest control yourself, but it is safer and more humane to contact experts to come to your aid. A qualified pest control specialist will correctly identify and remove pests from your property. At Pro Shield Pest Control Services, we always give our clients free inspection and offer them options for them to decide. Our Company is approved and registered in Dubai Municipality under Public Health Pest Control Section , NPMA Approved and ISO certified, so you have nothing to worry about quality.

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