Get Rid of Microbial Diseases

Pro Shield Disinfection Service Dubai : Your best weapon to get rid of microbial diseases!

The picturesque beaches and jaw-dropping skyscrapers of Dubai stand with open arms once again. As we are stepping into an ordinary world, safety is paramount. Its because the dangers of coronavirus successive waves are still looming over our heads and cosmopolitan metropolises are at much greater risk! Also, our rising insecurity to share public places with unseen pathogens has to be tamed, even more so. In such circumstances, everyone is obligated to keep their environment clean and take voluntary steps to disinfect their homes and businesses.

How can you prevent the spreading of infection?

The solution to all your worries lies in Pro Shield Disinfection Service Dubai. We manage 24/7 sterilization projects to eradicate the microbial presence – root and stem – from the outskirts of Mushrif Park to the summits of Burj-al-Arab.

Be a responsible citizen – partake in the war against pandemic.

Why is surface disinfection and sanitization quintessential for your environment?

The existence of invisible germs and the importance of sanitization were never shrouded in controversy. However, the recent viral outbreak altered our perception upside down. Numerous microorganisms creep on your office desk and chill on your pillow. Even a subtle contact with contaminated objects can transmit the infection out of thin air.

Therefore, you must clean your surroundings to minimize such odds. And by cleaning, we don’t mean mopping the floor using laundry detergents. You need specialized chemicals capable of killing off fatal, antibiotic-resistant microbes.

SARS-CoV-2 mostly spreads from direct contact. Still, it can stick to surfaces for up to three days. Hence, environmental cleaning is as indispensable as mask-wearing and social distancing. Consider disinfection services Dubai the first line of defense! And its not only limited to healthcare facilities. We all are responsible for containing contagious diseases.

Why choose Pro Shield disinfection service Dubai?

Now when you’ve realized the critical role of surface sterilization in our fight against Covid-19, its time to brush up on your understanding. Pro Shield disinfection service Dubai is the name of credibility. We strive to maintain the hygienic side of our beloved Golf Tiger. Be it the assistance of corporate giants or housekeepers, Pro-shield is the decade-long brand of choice.

3-step excellence process

Unskilled practices cloud the crucial cards surface cleaning has up its sleeve. To provide Emiratis the best disinfection service in Dubai, we have come up with a unique three-step process that effaces 99.99% of germs:

  • Pour: After removing dirt and debris, a high-quality disinfectant will occupy the site.
  • Polish: Once the liquid settles down and wipes out all contaminants, it’ll be rubbed quickly.
  • Protect: As unwelcome guests pass the exit gate, biocide residuals create a permanent barrier on high-traffic areas such as doorknobs and faucets.

Professional Staff

Pro Shield disinfection service Dubai eradicates all traces of any lethal microscopic or parasitic existence. In other words, we form an invincible shield between you and the illnesses safe-havens.And we carry it out with the utmost degree of precision and professionalism. Our technicians are highly skilled and mannered. In order to keep up with current metrics, we also establish a labor empowerment seminar periodically.

We equip all technicians with ISO 9001 protective gear, including PPEs, face masks, and gloves. In addition, they carry advanced sprayers for a lasting effect on the property. Although conventional sprayers are available, premium plans offer electrostatic devices.

Safe and Solid formula

We recommend opting for a high-end sprayer, fogger, or mister. These gadgets aerosolize the disinfectants, expand them throughout the property, and retain the impacts for a much longer time.

Many disinfection services in Dubai pile up the mountains of hassle, making you miss your nap or favorite TV show for a full day! On the contrary, we’ve orchestrated organic chemicals harmless to your skin, pets, or food.

Take a short downtime during our quality assurance protocols, and resume your routine hassle-free – virus-free!

For this, experts at Pro-shield disinfection service Dubai closely examined EPA List N products and OSHA guidelines. Then, our landmark product got accreditation from Dubai Municipality as well as the World Health Organization because of its near 100% efficacy against SARS and Influenza viruses.

To date, our disinfection service Dubai has exhibited no side effects on pregnant women or older people.

Proactive Customer Support

The vaccination is picking triumph over the novel virus. But we are yet to escape its pestilent jaws. With over ten years of market experience, our proud antivirus workforce awaits you! We provide tailor-made, customer-friendly services for residential as well as commercial purposes. Our disinfection service Dubai has proved itself many times over in educational institutes, food and beverages shops, worshipping places, warehouses, and retail outlets. Whether you want a clean living room for your toddler or a motivating atmosphere for your employees, contact us to see your desire turning into a reality.

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