Fast Facts on Bed Bugs

Fast facts on bed bugs

Bed Bugs – whether your home has once been infested by them or someone you know has had their mark. There is an extremely high probability that you already know about these little havoc creators.

These insects are small in size, oval in shape and usually snuggle up in the linens of your bed.
But what do you know about these pests more than the fact that they can be a menace?
Well, these facts on bed bugs will enlighten you about all you need to know.
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In the meantime, let’s look at some interesting facts.

1.Bed bugs & their eggs are too tiny:

A female bed bug can lay more than 500 eggs in a single lifetime. Their eggs are extremely small in size. This is primarily why pregnant bed bugs can wreak havoc quick.For this reason alone, you should be taking pest prevention for your property seriously.

2. Super high ingestion rate:

Among the various Bed bugs facts, perhaps the most interesting one is as follow.Bed bugs can ingest seven times more than their own body weight in blood. In other words, these tiny insects can consume up to 120 gallons of liquid!

3. Habitat unlimited:

Bed bugs are often found in hot climate areas. Nocturnal insects can hide in beds, walls, crevices, and cracks. Furthermore, in areas like the UAE, pests like bed bugs are in high proportion. Due to this reason, Pest Control in Dubai and along with other regions of the UAE, is a relatively high requirement.

4. No bite sign:

Amongst the different facts on bed bugs, perhaps, the most interesting one is that not everyone will show signs of bed bug bites. Only 30% of humans show any sign of bed bug bite. Most others do not have any sign or reaction to a bite. This issue makes it difficult for a definite diagnosis to be made.
Moreover, the red bumps caused due to bed bugs can mimic other issues like scabies and chicken pox.

5. Survival in high temperatures:

From dark surroundings to high temperatures, bed bugs can survive it all. Even in the scorching heat of the desert, which is about 113°, these insects can thrive. In times like these, removing these pests from your home may become exceptionally difficult. You might want to call upon a Pest Control Expert when such a situation strikes.

6. Living up to a year:

Like the majority of insects, bed bugs can multiply quickly. The female bed bugs do not lay as many eggs as fruit flies, but they can live long. A bed bug can hold an average lifespan of around 6-12 months.
Thereby, if you are having them and currently reside in the UAE, a disinfection service in Dubai can help you eliminate these pesky pests.

7. Primarily human pests:

The worldwide bed bug population relies on mammals as hosts. While birds are also their prey, their favorite host is a human. Bed bugs can travel from 5 to 20 feet to reach their host. Once they begin feeding, they can take around 3 to 12 minutes to get completely satiated.

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Now that you know some interesting and scary facts about bed bugs, it is time to get rid of this issue. Remember, bed bugs can be a menace if not treated efficiently and quickly. The more you wait, the more this problem will increase in intensity.

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