Collection of pest facts

Roaches, ants, fleas, termites, and more—all of these pests are pretty disgusting to even think about. However, to defeat the enemy, know the enemy more, right?
While rounding up the pests in homes and Dubai offices, our pest control services experts have learned quite a more about them.

Therefore, to help you know about them, we have jotted down some fun and interesting pest facts. Most of these pests are not only found in homes but also in offices and that’s the major reason people opt for frequent Pest Control in Dubai.

Anyways, without further delay; let’s learn about some unique collection of pest facts.

1. Fleas Can Jump The Same Height As A Human

Yes, fleas and humans can jump the same distance—only this feat is impressive on a flea, which is tiny. A flea can jump more than 20cm or so in height, equivalent to 130 times its height!

If you've ever tried catching and getting rid of a flea and wondered how they could dodge you so easily, you've got your answer.

2. Bed Bugs Inject Anesthetics Into Your Skin Before Biting

If you've ever felt a bed bug bite and tried to find the pesky critter that did the deed, you won't find it. No surprises there because bed bugs have enough time to hide before you feel the sting of their bite. Their saliva contains anesthetics and anti-coagulants, which numbs the unpleasant sensation of the bite for a while and allows them to feed in peace.
Read Facts About Bed Bugs to learn more about bed bugs in your home and how you can get rid of them.

3. Rats & Mice Are Typically Omnivores

There’s a lot of speculation about killer rats out there, but that's a stretch. Most rodents are actually herbivores, favoring a diet of plants, seeds, and nuts. Others are omnivores, feeding on smaller animals. Some kinds of rats feed on decaying matter, but that is usually in cases where food is scarce.

The only thing you have to worry about when it comes to rodents is their annoying ability to chew through wiring, cardboard, and other elements in your home or office. And that’s an issue professional pest control services can put a stop to in no time!

4. Cockroaches Prefer Being Around…Alcohol!

Yes, cockroaches—more specifically, American Cockroaches—can be found in places where there are spirits. Beer, in particular, is a favorite amongst these pests.
While entomologists are still looking into the science of this attraction, the likely cause is sugar. Beer happens to have higher sugar content than other alcoholic beverages. Some researchers have even studied that cockroaches can drink and can get drunk from alcohol.
This is why restaurants and bars must be exceptionally careful about pest proofing the space and getting rid of cockroaches ASAP.

5. Ants Don't Sleep, They Just Nap

Day or night, you'll find ants fully active and going for their business collecting food and increasing the colony. As a matter of fact, this is because they don't sleep. Ants get their fill of rest by taking power naps throughout the day. Entomologists have found that an average worker takes up to 250 naps daily.
So, you'll find ants to be one of the most persistent pests. The only time they are dull, and a bit inactive is during the cold season.

6. Termites Feast On Timber Non-Stop

Termites don’t stop eating, not even for food. They feed on wood 24/7 and digest it with the help of hyperactive microbes in their gut. Termites also begin munching on wood from the inside out. So it could be a while (let’s say years!) before you notice that your favorite piece of furniture is no longer structurally sound.
There are no signs of termites at the early stages of an infestation, so a pest inspection can help save you from stress and trouble. And if you see a powdery residue around your belongings made of wood, it’s usually a surefire sign of an infestation.

Seek help from a Pest Control company immediately.

7. Pests Cannot Be Managed Without Pests Control Practices

If you're waiting for pests to go away on their own, that's not going to happen. You can start cleaning your property more thoroughly and make it difficult for pests to find sources of sustenance there. However, once a pest infestation has started, it's there to stay till you take offensive measures against them.

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