Certificate of Appreciation from Dubai Municipality

As the growth of pests continues to rise due to increasing population, pollution, and climate change, so does the need for quality pest control services. For people in Dubai looking to get rid of pests in their homes, Pro-Shield has taken the lead in Pest Control in Dubai.

Our company has experts on board who have dealt with every kind of locally-existing mite, roach, and fly. Each job is completed meticulously, leaving behind critter-free homes and happy residents.

Due to the success of our pest control experts, Pro-Shield has received a Certificate of Appreciation from Dubai Municipality.

Professional pest control services are more than about clearing up properties; you invest in improving quality of life. When people have less to worry about problems such as pest infestations, they can focus on their day-to-day tasks. This is especially the case in commercial buildings, where a single infestation can stop work altogether and cause considerable losses. Therefore, the reason for such a reward by the Dubai Municipality.

We pride ourselves on our quality services and professionalism, and this award rewards the hard work of the team that makes it possible. We strive to make our services more accessible for everyone in Dubai. Whether you get rid of bedbugs in your house or need complete pest inspection and pest proofing for new offices, Pro Shield pest control services are just a call away!

What Services Do We Provide?

We have a specific process for getting rid of pests on your property. To get a better idea of what we do and why we have received the Dubai Municipality certification, read on.

- Residential Pest Control

Roaches, bugs, flies, and other critters in your home is not only a hygiene problem but also a health hazard. Certain pests, such as German Cockroaches, carry various diseases, transferring them from rubbish heaps to the surfaces in your homes (read German Cockroaches Facts to learn more).
We make sure that you and your family stay safe from these pests. In addition to regular pest control services, we provide complete home inspections, pest eradication, and pest proofing in houses and flats before the residents move in.

- Commercial Pest Control

Offices and other commercial spaces can be breeding grounds for various pests. As a leading pest control company, we are trusted by hospitality businesses to clear their properties of any infestation. Our experts also provide inspection and preventative pest control advice and services to help such companies comply with food and health safety standards.

Pro-Shield also has experience working in offices and other commercial spaces that house stockpiles of paper, cardboard, and other inventory that attracts pests.

Types Of Pests We Control In Residential & Commercial Properties

We have an extensive experience and success in getting houses, flats, and commercial spaces free of:

  1. Cockroaches:
  2. We have experience getting rid of American, German & other kinds of cockroaches found in Dubai properties.

  3. Bed Bugs:
  4. Since bed bugs are smart at hiding, they aren't easy to get rid of with home remedies. We do complete bed bug eradication.

  5. Ants:
  6. Ants are a common problem in homes, with sugary and starchy food being their primary food source. We can control and help keep these insects out.

  7. Rats & Mice:
  8. Rodents are commonly found in houses and commercial spaces with storage spaces. When you make an appointment with us, we make sure they don’t contaminate your property any longer!

  9. Termites:
  10. Moving into a new home? A termite inspection is imperative for the safety of your belongings, as subterranean termite outbreaks are an issue in Dubai. Lucky for you, we do top-notch termite control.

Pro-Shield’s Award-Winning Pest Control Solutions

If you suspect a pest infestation in your property or need to safeguard it from a potential one, you can trust us. The Certificate of Appreciation we've received from the Dubai Municipality has made us more determined to keep serving the community with improved pest control services.
No matter how small or big the outbreak of pests is in your home or office, rest easy knowing that you’re in good hands calling us for aid.

Call us today, and let us work our magic to make your property pest-free!

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