Best Pest Control Company In Dubai

Best Pest Control Company In Dubai

Pests can be much more than an annoyance at home, such as cockroaches, ants, rats, bedbugs, mice, and termites. They pose a danger to your property as well as your health. Fortunately, Dubai Best Pest Control Company gives assurance by protecting your home and workplace now and in the future.

Whether at home or work during the year, it is vital to keep pests out of your sight. With Pro-Shield, no matter the season, pests do not have a chance. It is not as easy as it sounds to defend your home from pests. Professionalism is required, and that is why our pest control specialists provide personalized science-backed security to get rid of pests all year round.

Our Services

We offer both household and business facilities for pest control.

1. Residential Pest Control

The number of residents is rapidly growing in Dubai each year. Attractive Villas and apartments draw more homeowners to the city and some expatriates as well. Where most people are, homeowners may be attacked by pests like cockroaches and ants. The Pest Control Company in Dubai solves all of your domestic pest challenges and concerns as your complete pest management experts.

2. Commercial Pest Control

Pro Shield Pest Control Services has the experience and offers specialized treatment plans and services for a wide variety of commercial spaces, including but not limited to office buildings, warehouses, and manufacturing plants. Our services are technologically forward solutions backed with a satisfaction guarantee.

Our Typical Pest Lineup

We are devoted to using the most appropriate approaches. Your health, protection, and comfort are all we care about. We are prepared to fix any issues with pests that you may experience. Please dont risk your property value as we can control the following pests quickly at an affordable price.

  • Cockroaches control: they are responsible for certain diseases and allergic reactions. They can be controlled by baits, fumigation, and heat treatment. With Pro-Shield, the roaches can be eliminated quickly to prevent future problems.
  • Ants control: they get into homes in search of food and water. Once they get either, they carry it back to their nest, living a scent trail for other ants to follow. They can be controlled using non-toxic commercial repellant sprays that are all-natural.
  • Rats control: they gnaw to manage their large teeth, causing damage to electrical wires among other households. Rats also transmit life-threatening diseases like Salmonella and Hantavirus. Pro-Shield will completely do away with them for your safety.
  • Bed bugs control: they are attracted to human body heat and the exhaled carbon dioxide. They are nocturnal, and so people may fail to notice them. Pro Shield uses an environmentally responsible method to eliminate bedbugs concerns.
  • Mice control: these ground animals are commonly found in homes and outbuildings searching for food, shelter, and water. They are health hazards and must be monitored immediately after any evidence of their infestation is detected.
  • Termites control: They are drawn to damp soil, dark and warm places that allow them to thrive. The structural integrity of homes can be affected by these pests. Using a powerful termiticide is the most sophisticated and successful termite removal technique.

Why Choose Pro Shield Pest Control Company In Dubai

We are Dubais number one choice for Pest Control. We have delivered effective, reliable, and creative pest control solutions across the country over the years. With excellent service at a negotiable price, we pledge to fulfill your pest control needs. Whether you suspect an infestation or need to update your existing pest control requirements, we are here for you. Here are other reasons you should consider our services.

  • We have the skills and expertise to solve problems with pests.
  • We are a full member of the National Association for Pest Control
  • We are accredited by ISO & Dubai Muncipality
  • We offer both residential and Commercial facilities for pest control
  • You get served within 48 hours
  • We have affordable plans for any budget
  • We accept Payment via COD, Bank Transfer or Cheque
  • We have a free inspection for most pests
  • Our services are detailed with no-rush
  • Free same-day consultation and estimate

Pro Shield Pest Control Services is a certified and well-trained pest control service provider in Dubai. Generally, we are the most affordable pest control company in Dubai and its environs. We offer our quality residential and commercial pest control services nationwide. You can reach us through our email address or Contact Us for efficient real time customer service. We are always available on business days from Saturday to Thursday.

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