How to check the credentials of a pest control Company and their technicians

For a pest control company to be licensed, it must meet some Government and municipal requirements before they can operate

  • The company must employ a supervisor who holds a bachelor degree in biology, entomology or agricultural science, in addition to a minimum experience in the pest control domain.

  • Any pest control technician must pass a written and practical exam in order to get Dubai Municipality Permit for pest control activities, and once issued the permit must be always present while operating in the field.

  • Commercial Vehicles, where the pesticides are placed separately without affecting the team using the vehicle.

  • Special pesticide's storage places with strict safety measures.

As a Client, to check the credentials of pest control company and its staff, ask the technician for the below documents before starting his job

  • Company’s Valid Trade License, Exterminating & Fumigation Services must be mentioned in the License activities

  • The Technician/s Valid Permit card issued by Dubai Municipality.

  • Valid Registration Documents for the pesticides to be used during the treatment, Issued by Ministry of Environment

  • Checking the above documents prior to any pest control job, can highly reduce the chances of misuse of pesticides inside your house causing any harm to you and your family.



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