Are you certified by Dubai Municipality?

Yes, our company is certified by Dubai Municipality and all of our pest control operators hold pest control permits issued by Dubai Municipality (Public Health and Pest Control Section)

Are the products used safe?

All products used by our teams are registered by "Ministry of environment and water" and used according to the label directions, which present no significant health risk to humans or pets.
Material Safety Data Sheets and registrations certificates for all of our products are available upon request.

Is my pet safe?

Any treatment that includes pesticides spraying will require the house to be vacant for a period of four hours, giving time for the pesticides to dry after that it's safe for humans and pets.

Is it safe for pregnant women?

First of all, It's not safe for anyone (pregnant or not) to be around when the pest-control Specialist is doing his job.

If you decided to have a pest control service during your pregnancy, you should consider the below to reduce and eliminate any risks

- Make sure to use a pest control company that is approved by Dubai Municipality.
It's Mandatory for the pest control Specialist to hold a Permit for pest control activities issued by Dubai Municipality while operating, ASK FOR IT!
- Pesticides used must be certified from Ministry of Environment and Water.
- Make the pest control Specialist aware of your pregnancy
- Once the pest specialist is aware of your pregnancy, he will be able to customize the treatment and choose the appropriate formulation of product and conduct the application in the appropriate target areas to control the pests and ensure the safety of your family.
- Pregnant women must not be in the house during treatment
- Allow plenty of time for the home to air out, and the pesticide to dry before returning.
- Avoid any contact with the treated areas as much as possible.
- Let someone else do the surfaces cleaning

I'm moving in to a new house, what is the good time to do the pest control?

After all the work in the new house is done and the deep cleaning is done, the recommended time would be one day before moving in the new house.

How much does it cost to get rid of a bad pest problem?

This depends on the type of pest, and the nature of the house

What should I do prior to the Pest Control treatment?

- Clean the house prior to the pest control visit, and maintain the home as neatly as possible for long-term results. This helps to eliminate competing food sources for the insects. Additionally, when the home is clean, the roaches will be more easily attracted to the bait and not to food sources.

- Cover and store any open food. Remove foods, small appliances, and other small items from countertops.

- Store and/or cover baby toys, supplies and crib if any

- Be sure that the pest control operator has free and full access to anywhere that cockroaches have been seen

- If anyone in the home has special allergy problems, is pregnant, or is under the age of one, the Pest Control Operator should be informed prior to service and precautions taken. All people and pets should stay out of the area being serviced for the length of time specified by the Pest Control Operator.

- Cover fish bowls and tanks with a waterproof cover

- After service, keep sanitation to as high a level as possible to allow all products to work as swiftly as possible.

- Air conditioning should be switched off during and after the treatment

- Open windows to air house thoroughly when you return back home

Do I have to empty the kitchen's cupboards?

The cupboards needs to be empty if its a roaches control using pesticides spraying, while no need to empty them if its roaches gel baiting only

How long do I have to stay out of the house after the treatment?

Even though the pesticides spray used are odorless, it's still required to stay out of the house for a minimum period of four hours after the treatment, giving time for the pesticides to dry.

Should I clean after a pest control treatment?

The products used by our team has residue effect for weeks which can kill pests that get in touch with the treated area, avoiding to wash the treated areas for a period of 7-10 days will guarantee better results.

while kitchen surfaces and dinning areas can be washed by water and soap.

Do you provide pest control services all over the UAE?

No, for now we provide our services in Dubai only

Do you guarantee your work?

Yes, all of of our work comes with a 4 months warranty.

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