Disinfection Service Dubai

We are Municipality Approved and ISO certified Sterilization company based in Dubai. Using Hospital Grade, Best Quality and Effective disinfectants to keep your home, office, any Commercial or Residential unit safe from Viruses, Bacteria and harmful microorganisms. The disinfectants we are using are 100% Safe for Children, Food, Wooden Material and Its Eco-Friendly. Process of sanitization all done with the Electrostatic Spraying Machine and the results are long lasting.

Commercial Disinfection Services

If you want a successful business, then you need to focus on growth, but also on cleanliness. The overall appeal and presence can establish a stunning first impression. That's why Pro Shield is here to offer you an outstanding Disinfection Service in Dubai!

Bacteria, viruses and grime can come as a major detriment to the employee's personal safety. That's especially true in the context of Covid 19 and other viruses being very easy to spread nowadays. That's why it's imperative to maintain a high level of hygiene and cleanliness.

We provide customized solutions based on customer requirements and we only use high quality disinfectants to ensure all viruses and bacteria are fully eliminated. Our Sanitization Service Dubai can help remove pathogens in as little as 10-15 minutes, so you can get back to work in less than an hour after the disinfection is completed.

Residential Disinfection Services

In addition, we also offer complete support for residential areas. Our treatment doesn't include harmful chemicals, so it's safe for kids and pregnant women. It won't harm your furniture or your pets either. You will have a minimal downtime, and then you can get back in your home and enjoy your time with family and Friends.

Why Choose Us

We have 10 years of experience in this field and our disinfecting solution is EPA registered, non-flammable and it will help protect the environment. On top of that, we help eliminate unwanted odors, not to mention you will get rid of a variety of viruses.

The Sterilization Service Dubai is efficient against Salmonella, H1N1, Covid 19, Swine Flu and many others. Pro Shield will wipe down recessed and special areas, and you don't have to worry about surface abrasion either!

There are several ways bacteria, viruses, and other germs can enter your home. And this is the reason, getting home disinfection services is imperative for living in a healthy environment. Furthermore, the detergents and other cleaning solutions are good. However, they only keep your surfaces tidy and fail to eliminate all the germs in your home. Likewise, frequent cleaning is also not enough. Thereby, for complete protection, you need professional disinfection services.We care about your health and this is why we ensure each surface in your home is germ-free when disinfecting. Not only your home, but also we pay the same level of attention to your office. So either you book our Office Disinfection Services or home, we assure your protection from germs.

Our Disinfection Process

Before we tell you more about our process, you should know a few things about our disinfection service Dubai.

  • We use the best quality products for disinfection work. These are 100% effective on bacteria and other microbes but not dangerous for humans and pets.
  • We may ask you to vacate your home or office for a couple or more days if our disinfection and sanitization services are extensive. This step is necessary for your safety.
  • As a disinfection company with expertise in sanitization, we suggest you avail our services at least once or twice a month to follow safety standards of living. These safety measures are also significant for commercial properties.

Disinfection Procedure

Step 1:We start the process with a thorough survey of the space. The infected hotspots are the areas with the highest foot traffic. Our cleaners use high-grade personal protective equipment (PPE) before starting an assessment.
Step 2: Clearing a space is vital. You will need to move your belongings around to prevent disinfection chemicals from settling on them. As a disinfection service company, we abide by rules and regulations regarding safety.
Step 3: We first prepare sanitization solutions (we only use municipality-approved products for our disinfecting services in Dubai). These solutions are diluted and prepared in measured amounts according to use. Also, we prepare these solutions in a well-ventilated space.
Step 4: We use a state-of-art electric ULV Sprayer. The fogger mist takes about minutes to settle on surfaces, leaving these well-sterilized. The spray eliminates seen and unseen germs and their associated hazards.
Step 5: We clean up all the surfaces. Any leave-in solutions are placed only on surfaces where human contact is minimal. Kitchen crevices and bathroom cracks need the most attention. Rest assured that throughout our disinfection service in Dubai, we ensure 100% disinfection and sanitization.

Note: We often get asked about our disinfection service cost. It depends on the extent of disinfection needed in your home or office.
However, we assure you that you will find prices amongst the most reasonable disinfection service price in Dubai.

Frequently Asked Questions About Disinfection Service Dubai

Q: How long does it take to disinfect a property?

It depends on the property's size and the extent of disinfection services needed. We usually take 1-2 hours for disinfection—and more for specious residential properties and commercial buildings.

Q: What makes your disinfection service in Dubai unique?

We focus on customer satisfaction. This includes proper communication, high-quality products and service, and our guarantee that your home will be free of microbes for an extended period.

Q: Do disinfection products affect inhaled air quality?

No, we use safe, municipality-approved products only. Also, we usually ask residents to vacate the property during the work so that the initial impact of the chemicals used has subsided.

Q: Is disinfection included in pest control?

No, our disinfection service is separate from our pest control service. However, you can opt for both in the same booking for extra hygiene in your home or office.

Q: Is your disinfection treatment effective against COVID-19?

Absolutely. In fact, COVID-19 is one of our top priorities when choosing sanitizers. If your home has had a COVID-19 outbreak, trust us to handle the disinfection!

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