Beetle Control

There are numerous types of beetles from which plenty are found around us. But the most common types of beetles are either the Biscuit Beetles or the furniture beetles.

Now it's obvious for you to find the furniture beetles in the furniture (as the name mentions) and can affect the base and strength of your furniture; making its quality weaken over time. Similarly, when it comes to biscuit beetles, you can commonly find them in the flour, biscuit, cake mix, spics, cereal, or soup powders. You can consider finding these insects attacking all the stored food in your kitchen cupboards. Additionally, the worst part about these beetles is that they can easily bore through the tin foil, lead, or even a whole book. So there's no way a strong metal cover or packing of stored food can save it from biscuit beetles attacks.

Since you can find these small, reddish-brown insects in domestic properties all around the world; it's hard to say that you can stay away from their attacks. However, the only way to get rid of them is to opt for helpful pest control methods as well as professional services to get rid of their existence.

Normally, we do get temporary relief from biscuit beetles by storing food in air-tight glass, plastic, and/or metal containers. However, once they have gotten inside the food, you can't reuse it – so it's important to throw the food and clean the area properly. Considering this, once the beetles find a way to get in your home, they can often find a way inside the food too. However, if you do get lucky and get rid of them through suitable containers; furniture beetles are also a problem that isn't easy to handle.

Hence, instead of going for self-methods and trying out temporary solutions, pro-shields professionals are always there to help you get rid of these beetles permanently in Dubai. So if you're tired of facing beetle attacks in your home; it's time you let our professional service help you make your environment beetle-free again.

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