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We are committed to ensure your home and business remains free from pests, Our expert team are well-trained pest control technicians ensures optimal and clean surroundings for you and your family. No matter if your house is packed with mosquitos, mice and termites, just reach out to our team and get instant organic pest control assistance at hand.

Your family needs the support of the best pest control experts in Dubai, and this is the right time to hire our specialist to clean your house from ants, bugs and pests. The damage of your furniture and other home decor products can cause you a lot. That’s why you must ask for our pest control professionals, who know how to handle the mess created by bed bugs, cockroaches and ants in your house. Contact our active team, who is ready to answer your call and offer the best of the best pest control services.

Residential Services

We provide effective and complete pest control and extermination solutions to a variety of common residential pest-related issues, for both indoor & outdoor. Read more

Commercial Services

We strongly understand that each business has its own unique needs pertaining to both the company and the specific requirements that are looking to be met. Read more

We Offer the Best Pest Control Deals in Dubai

Don’t worry about pest control costs and service charges. Let our pest control experts deal with all the harmful insects in your home. You can learn about our affordable charges through easy contact, as it will take just few minute to acquire our services of best pest control team in Dubai. It is all about the security of your folks and family from cockroaches, flies, ants, termites and other bugs in your house and workplace. So, why not ask for an expert pest control service provider that comes with organic pest control methods?

We are the leading pest control service in Dubai. Our customized & cost-effective pest control and bug cleaner services are for the safety of your family and house. We care for you and your time; that’s why our team is always ready to work for you. So, call us and get the at-hand services of Dubai municipality approved pest control company now!


We are providing Disinfection and Sterilization service in Dubai for homes, Offices or warehouses using 100% Natural & High Quality Disinfectant which is water> 99 %, activated electrochemically by ECALIT process, safe for human use and non-irritant, killing 99.99% of Covid-19, bacteria, viruses, mold, fungi, and spores.​

Residential Services

As far as a residential service concern we keep in mind to maintain and deliver the best possible solution that will not harm any Pet, Pregnant women, Furniture or Food. Read more

Commercial Services

We also provide Disinfection service for commercial units as well. We are using Hospital-Grade disinfectants to make sure that your workplace is free of all bacteria's, germs and viruses. Environmental friendly, Green and certified disinfectant. Read more

Pesticides and Pregnancy

First of all, It's not safe for anyone (pregnant or not) to be around when the pest-control Specialist is doing his job.
Read more

Pesticides and household Pets

It is quite common for homeowners to raise concerns relating to pest control within their homes and the potential effect that it has on their pets.
Read more

Organic and Green Pesticides

Our organic pest control Dubai services can help you be tension free and live a healthy life protected from all harmful insects. Ask for our services if you are in urgent need of professional pest control experts. We can become your pest control friend that is always ready to offer the services of top professionals in the bug cleaning and pest control industry. After easy contact you can learn about all our offered services in Dubai, as we have modern equipment to clean your house from pests and offer healthy living environment for your loved ones.

We encourage the use of organic and green pesticides, even though all the pesticides used by our teams are safe, registered and certified from the U.A.E ministry of Environment and water, organic and green pesticides are always more safe for the below reasons

  • Safe around children and pets.
  • Minimum risk pesticide.
  • New, softer fragrance.
  • Provides rapid knockdown/kill and residual protection.
  • Multipurpose: For indoor, outdoor, fogging, turf and ornamental.
  • on-animal and mosquito misting applications.
  • Safe for use in and around sensitive areas.
  • Comes in the form of a spray or dust powder.

Proven hands of our experts make sure to free your house from all bugs and pests. Our specialist pest control team in Dubai will help you during your struggling time with bustle of pests, bugs and ants. Similarly, our active chat support individuals of foremost pest control company in Dubai will suggest those services that are best for your house. So, if you want all pest cleaning services at reasonable prices then you must call us and book your appointment of best pest control specialist in Dubai right now. This is your time to chill out and avail mosquitos, cockroaches, ants and pest control services at hand.

In an emergency or need help

Whether you have encountered a snake in your area and termites attacking your furniture, we understand and handle with care every emergency effectively. So let us handle all the pest issues for you at all times!

You are at the platform of the best pest control company in Dubai; that’s why your every hassle can get the ultimate solution at hand. Just speak the words of the service, and our team of specialists will reach out to you and start working anytime, anywhere. Our team of professional technicians understands your household problems due to cockroaches, pests and bugs. That’s why they are offering demanding services at affordable prices in Dubai. It means you can call us during an emergency or urgent need. You should not have second thoughts when you can get pest control services from those who are the best in the business. We are ready to listen to you and offer our services during your urgent need.
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Your residential house or business workplace can get affected by pests and bugs, as every household requires the most trusted pest and bug control services. But you don’t need to worry, as we are open to offer our services for every residential and commercial place in Dubai.

Pests can be a commonly faced threat in every household as well as commercial areas. No matter what place it is, you can easily encounter common pest issues. But don't worry, we've got you covered with all the common pest issue solutions including

Why Hire Us?

The healthy life of your family and surroundings is vital. We know that you also want to protect your home, children and pets from bed bugs and other diseases that spread due to pests. That’s why our services of pest control professionals can assist you to protect your household and loved ones like a responsible individual. Our assistance of professional technicians has built a trusted network, and they are the reason for our success in offering instant help in different areas of Dubai

Our services are the one-way solution for ants, flies, cockroaches, pests and bad bug control of your house. With the best working equipment, our team of experts will start working to clean your house and all damaging insects will be gone in minutes. As these services have made us one of the most popular pest control companies in Dubai.

Have any questions? Call us now!


Have any questions? Call us now!

Our services are just one call away, as you just need to contact us on our shared numbers on the website. Your every problem related to bugs and pests can be solved in minutes because we are here for you to avail our services that, include all the pest control services that you aim for.

If you have anything to ask about our services, agents, timings and charges, feel free to contact us and confirm your queries. Our active chat support team is waiting for you to hire our services of organic pest control now!


1. How much pest control Dubai costs?

The cost of the services depends on many factors such as size of the house, treatment you choose, and the affected area you want us to work in. The basic cost starts from 175 AED and can vary according to the factors involved. However, with a team of professionals you can always be assured of quality services for pest control in Dubai. For an accurate quotation, you can request the quote by filling the order form.

2. Is your company approved & Certified?

Yes, we are a registered and certified pest control company operating in Dubai with a team of professionals. We are licensed by Dubai Municipality. You can call us for further queries.

3. How can I book your pest control service Dubai?

You can call or message us. Or you can also fill the order form for residential or commercial purposes. Our team will get in touch with you.

4. Why should I hire a pest control service?

Hiring a professional pest control service won’t only save your time but also give you the comfort of a hygienic space. Secondly, some pesticides are harmful for home and the environment so using any ingredient without proper knowledge and research isn’t safe in the long run. It’s best to reach out to professionals or experts who know how to do the job following safety guidelines.

5. Are your products safe for humans and pets?

Yes absolutely. We use organic and green pesticides that are certified from the UAE ministry of Environment. All these products are safe for children, pets and the environment. Since, some chemicals can be harmful for the human and animals that’s why we don’t prefer using uncertified and inorganic ingredients in pesticides.


Our clients come from different locations in Dubai. We have a 100% success rate in ensuring that our client's, pest-issues have been solved effectively. It doesn't matter how bad the situation is ensuring that our clients are satisfied and that our services are suited for the situation is our promise to you.